Cancellation of “Lifeline Express Charity Run / Walk 2019”

In view of a range of ongoing uncertain factors and unpredictable transportation issues, we have decided to cancel “Lifeline Express Charity Run/Walk 2019” in order to ensure the safety of
participants, volunteers, guests and staff. We are deeply sorry for the cancellation of the event and apologize for any inconvenience caused.

We will appreciate participants continue to donate their donation to support “Lifeline Express” sight saving mission and fund raised will be carried forward to next year. We also respect and understand decision of participants to withdraw the donation. Please complete the donation refund application form and send to us by email or fax 2357-9356 on or before 30 November 2019. We will contact the corporate teams for respective arrangements.

All participants will receive an event T-shirt as a token of our gratitude. For any enquiries, please email us to or call 2861-0862. Thank you again, and we look forward to seeing you at the “Lifeline Express Charity Run/Walk 2020” next year!!

Event Purpose

Lifeline Express and The Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club joined hands to co-organize the "Lifeline Express Charity Run/Walk 2019" on 30 November 2019 (Saturday), 9am at Clearwater Bay.

Not only keeping yourselves fit and healthy by getting out a day for exercising, you are raising much needed funds for Lifeline Express - a hospital Eye-train aiming to give the gift of sight to the underprivileged cataract patients in China. Please join us for a fantastic day of outing with your family and friends.

Lifeline Express

“Lifeline Express” is a custom-built hospital eye-train, providing free operations to underprivileged people suffering from cataracts in the Mainland since July 1997. Over the past 22 years, the eye-trains have helped more than 200,000 cataract patients regain their eyesight. To benefit more eye disease patients in China, Lifeline Express have also established 80 Lifeline Express Eye Centres to train and improve the competence of local eye doctors.

Starting from 2014, Lifeline Express has extended its service to diabetics by launching a free Diabetic Retinography (DR) Screening service in China and Hong Kong. Diabetic Retinography is a leading cause of blindness and early detection through DR screening could potentially save sight.

Your participation and donation will keep the eye-trains on track and help more people to see again.

The Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club

"Because we take from the society, we should give back to the community." With this belief, The Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club has been actively involved in charity work, organizing and participating in various social caring projects, promoting sports & leisure activities, while aiming to help all those in need from different walks of life.

In 2010 , The Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club joined force with Lifeline Express and co-organized the charity run / walk event to raise funds for the hospital eye-trains. The event was successfully held and attracted over 1,000 participants. With such popularity, the charity force will be joined again in 2019, and a carnival will be incorporated into the itinerary to add fun for all the participants.

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